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2017 Year End Tax Projections

Tax planning strategies are crucial to reducing your tax liability. December 31st will be here soon, and the time to initiate meaningful tax planning is slipping away. The uncertainty surrounding Congress’ tax plan brings challenges, but it is still important to move forward with your plan.

Take advantage of the tax knowledge and array of tools PDR has to offer so we can assist you with a tax planning projection in estimating your income taxes, see if you qualify for the right credits, deduct the most expenses and ultimately reduce your taxable income in order to pay fewer taxes.

All too often, taxpayers wait until after the close of the tax year to address tax planning. As a result, opportunities are missed that could have reduced your tax liability or helped to offset potential underpayment penalties.

We encourage you to plan now so there are no surprises during the upcoming filing season.

Please contact us at taxplanning@pdr-cpa.com for more information.

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